What does a kitten need in a new home? | Gatto celesto

What does a kitten need in a new home?


(that must be the time of the appearance of a kitten):

1. Mesh on the Windows

2.Toilet and filler

3. Scratching post

4.Bowl for water and food

5. Dry feed in granules

6. Carrying bag

2. Items that can be purchased within 1 — 2 weeks after moving


2. Nail clippers

3. Comb for combing

4. Shampoo

5.Cat-house, complex for cat

1.Mesh on the Windows

2. Toilet

We have a cat toilet built into the closet.

We recommend using an indoor toilet. Cats and kittens going to the toilet, actively bury their «business». If the toilet is open — they can easily bury in the filler Wallpaper, clothes and other items — what reach paw.

The size of this closed tray. Length 75 cm, height 45 cm, width 48 cm.

To kittens is not spread sawdust on the feet — we put the tray with the grid. Kittens coming out of the toilet, wipe their paws on the grid. Sawdust became much less in the room.

We used to use bentonite filler.But he left dirty marks on the floor. Now we use wood filler. It’s called pellets. Pellets can be bought at the pet store, but you can buy in special stores «fuel for boilers heating homes.» In such stores it is cheaper.Choose white pellets ( they are made of wood, brown — from the bark) , a diameter of 6 mm.

Pour the filler layer 1-2 cm granules in contact with urine crumble and the volume increases.

If you have 1 cat, you can clean the toilet 1 time in 4-5 days. Just take a scoop of all the used filler in the bag , wash the pallet and put a new filler.

Plate for food and water

Use a bowl with edges for stability. Dry food is always in the public domain. Maine coons are not gluttons. They will not eat all the food at once. Eat — left, later came, ate, left.

Drinker. It must also be sustainable . Watch for the presence of water. Water should always be there. It does not matter if the cat was a few hours without food, but scary if the cat was without water, especially on hot days.