Contacts | Gatto celesto


You can contact us via fb, e-mail, mob., Whatsapp, Viber, and we will be glad to answer all your questions!

Perhaps now you couldn’t find at our website a kitten that you are looking for (interesting colour or sex of kitten you need), but you are ready to wait for a very special, YOUR kitten.

So we can offer you to make a request to us. You can write us details of kitten you are interested in:

1. kitten male/female and its colour;

2. purpose of buying (“kitten on a pillow” – pet or kitten in breeding);

3. city and country, where kitten will move (this we need to know due to several medical documents for kittens which are demanded in other regions or countries). For Ex.: if the kitten goes to France, he can start the journey in 3 months+21 days after vaccination against rabies. If the kitten goes to the USA or Canada, the kitten can start the journey in 3 months+30 days after vaccination against rabies. Kitten must take an analysis of blood (titer of antibodies against rabies) who is going to Israel;

4. your contact information (phone and e-mail).

This request form doesn’t oblige you to anything but we will inform you when kitten you are interested in will be born. And then you could choose to wait for this kitten grows up or continue to look for a kitten in other cattery.