Питомник кошек мейн-кун Gatto-Celesto (Гатто Селесто- с итальянского - кошка небесная)


Would you like to buy a maine coon kitten from a cattery with documents and by a good price?

So you are welcome to site of maine coon cattery Gatto Celesto in Moscow (Russia).

 Gatto Celesto is translated from Italian as Sky Cat.

My name is Irina TOROPOVA, I’m a qualified instructor felinologist in maine coon breeding.

We live in Moscow, Russia and we are one of the Aliance Club members. Our cattery is registered in system WCF № 5794-2014  and TICA №35702.

I have taken courses of grooming and photography to make our kittens always be at a very high level. You can see it looking at their photos.

You can buy a maine coon kitten of different colors at our cattery: black, blue, red or cream, turtle, tabby (marble or tiger or as it’s called wild color) or solid (without drawing). We have also maine coon kittens of silver and smoky colors.

Cat Lily. Color — black silver blotched tortie

Cat Teddy. Color —  blue colid

Cat Darling. Color — black blotched with white (wild color)

Color — black mackerel  (wild color)

Cat Hollywood. Color — red blotched with white.

Our graduates are very friendly with other members of the family.

All our graduates get full package of documents:

— Veterinary Passport,

— Pedigree or Metric Card,

— Sales Contract

— Memo on caring for a kitten

When you choose a maine coon kitten in Gatto Celesto Cattery you choose it for you, for yourself:

— adapted kitten ready to live in flat conditions;

— mannered kitten with a good character;

— friendly kitten to children and other animals at home;

— healthy kitten with a bright appearance;

We are glad to assist you with consultation about kittens. We are ready to answer all your questions regarding our kittens 24/7.

Do you still have any question? Just write us!

P.S. And do you have cat who…?